My Top Ten Hidden Gems

 This is My Top Ten for ATLiens……

So I know that I have been absent from my culinary blog and would like to say I’m back with the best Food-ish you could think of. On my hiatus I not only revamped my self as well as  my company, I also gained weight.

Most women my age would say “How Dare She”…… and my response is simple!!! I have discovered some of the Hottest 2012 Hidden Gems of Atlanta. This years food industry has been amazing with new-found science creations from the hottest late night food boutique ever Flip Burger all the way to a savory breakfast waffle with duck confit & sweet potatoes served at Briza. I have been having the best food orgasms ever.

So here’s your chance to experience the ultimate food orgasm your taste buds have ever had in Atlanta.

1) Iberian Pig is an amazing place to savor great flavors experience one of the select few restaurants in the country that serves the acorn fed Iberian ham from Spain. Served with toasted ciabatta and espresso aioli, this item is truly a signature of the restaurant. The menu is a combined vision of Chef Federico Castellucci and Chad Crete.


2) Bacchanalia A great way to Wow that special person and to ensure a pleasant ending. This gem is a sure crowd pleasure & a great way to excite your taste buds with some of their award-winning creations like the Breast of Tennessee Duck Confit Leg Ravioli, Consommé Artichoke,  & Fava Beans Field Peas. Although it ranks on the more pricey side this prixe fix menu is sure to be worth every dime.


3) Briza Chef Janine Falvo’s  approachable, modernist cuisine comes to life with Southern influences. The dishes feature locally sourced ingredients for the ultimate night out at this hidden gem. Try the mouth-watering bananna-peanut pancakes layered with bacon or the exquisite duck confit & sweet potato waffle with pecan syrup.


4) One Eared Stag Ok so there is no other way for me to describe their uniqueness other than to jump right in it with the creative Thompson Farms fried Pig ears, chili, lime & salt order for $8 and end it with their pasture white oak pasture chicken mattone, chickpeas, cotija & mint for a well deserved $24.


5) BLT Steak is one of the most talked about restaurants in the hottest cities with 10 other locations including Hong Kong, this decked out delight is sure to satisfy your taste buds. BLT Steak integrates traditional elements of a French bistro with an American steakhouse and combines its signature warmth and rich textures that compliment the sophisticated styles of Atlanta.


6) Crawfish Shack Seafood by far this place will knock your socks off. Just imagine being swept away to your favorite beach with great friends, refreshing drinks and the freshest seafood boil ever. Well that’s what you can expect reasonable pricing and a gem for the serious sea-fooders. 

7) Flip Burger Boutique Atlanta’s own Top Chef All-Star winner Chef Richard Blais is known as a top food innovator in the culinary world  & I must agree this man’s vision of  a simple burger is phenomenal. His take on food keeps me coming back & screaming for more every time….Oooo what an explosive orgasm the Cold Smoked Salmon Burger & Mango Martini will give your taste buds.


8) Quan Ba 9 Vietnamese Restaurant is nothing close to elegant and to be quite frank if I wasnt apart of the culinary world, I would have walked straight pass this hole in the wall. But, as truth may have it these type of establishments have the best food and stays true to their origin. So stop in to try their spicy chicken soup a great remedy for any late night hangover or common cold.




 9) Cardamom Hill Ok so this is a true gem that stepped on the Atlanta food scene in January 2012. A refresher for any night out in the town, you can’t go wrong with this. Superb food, great pricing, and a sensual atmosphere is a sure winner for anyone who loves the deep herbs & spices of India. Chef Asha Gomez can hit this chics taste buds anytime with the tantalizing Kerala Roast Duck pricing just under $20 bucks.


10) Big Daddy’s Cafe This Soul Food Joint definitely gets a spot on my top ten. The fried chicken is a crunchy childhood memory that takes you back to sunday dinners with grandma sitting at the table and grandpa nodding off probably from the heat exhaustion and the stove being set on hell. Their menu is fulfilling with a range of great southern dishes like Fried Corn, Carrot Souffle & Cakes to die for.

So there you have it Atlanta, come join me and let’s have a food experience out of this world. Next time you get ready to Wow that special one skip the reservations at Chops or the busy streets of Buckhead cause these gems are much more memorable. 

 Click on the Restaurants name and enjoy your hidden gem. Be sure to subscribe to my blog or join the rest of us foodies on Facebook.


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