A Romantic Hopeful Lost in a Food Whirlwind


This week I have vowed to be submissive to all plates put in front of me as well as devoted to let what ever atmosphere im in sweep me away to a new-found love. I must say I was able to accomplish that goal this past Saturday.

Being swept away by my spontaneous love, we traveled to the not so busy or liked by city gurus town of Douglasville, Georgia. It was a pleasant road trip hearing the idling of his “bucket-teer” transmission struggling to get us to our destination, seeing all the huge monster trucks flying by & the towns frequenters laughing & being in love, I valued this moment.

After all, The night ended with us having a much-needed convo over a perfectly blended Grand Marnier & Coke  which I thought to be nicely price at $7.00. Pulling up to Sams & Rosco Restaurant initially felt like walking into the production of Casino with Robert De’Niro & Joe Pesci. Ironically enough the inside painted a different picture, we were immediately greeted with great welcoming staff members and seated by a truly handsome Italian Stallion.

Looking around the guest were few but the few seemed to be in a happy space filled with laughter, semi quality wines & great food selections. There are not many Restaurants where you are able to experience a simple culinary favorite such as their fab-u-licious Beurre Blanc sauce paired with a Rosemary Chicken entrée.

My spontaneous love was open to me putting a twist on the dish by pairing Sam & Rosco’s Seasoned Salmon, Roasted potatoes & fresh squash with what made sense to me….the Beurre Blanc sauce. It was a hit that sent me into a blissful food whirlwind. I will also add that an endless salad and bread at Red Lobster is a hit as well but their fresh Caesar Salad with garlic bread will be a force to be reckoned with next time I am the area for lunch.

Well this Romantic Hopeful has felt the whirlwind of Sam & Roscoe and now has another journey set for me and that spontaneous love of mine. Until next time I bid you all great eats in your journey for tantalizing food and that quest for love.


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