NFL Boo’s & Brew’s

So here we are again Football Season in full effect and its time to Rock !!!

It’s Time to Pack Em’ Up & Ship Em Out….PACKER STYLE !!!

Well as my favorite team packs up all their gear and hit the field I’m confident a few teams will be shipped back out in great shame to a lonely visit to their local pub for a great tasting brew. It is said that $98.94 Billion Dollars will be made on average just in brew sales during this football season. That’s a lot of packing up and shipping out for one game that is known to break friendships up until the next rival. I wouldn’t love more than to sit amongst my die-hard Packer fans and chat about our latest victory over The Chicago bear 23-10.

The Artistry has created a list for the Top 5 NFL Teams and their respected brew served everyday to the locals as well as our Top 5 NFL teams that is more likely to need a really great brew in the midst of their loss.

1) Green Bay Packers  Black Top New Glarus worthy to be the cities best brew  molasses and chocolate malt undertones with a soaring rush of clean citrus and pine hop notes, to deliver a drinkable Black IPA.


2) San Francisco 49ers Anchor Brekle’s Brown is the iconic San Francisco craft brewery. The Anchor shakes up its traditional  malt-forward brown ale by dry-hopping it with American Citra hops.

3) Atlanta Falcons Best Brew SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale Don’t read too much into the beer’s name. “420” is a reference to the first  brew-date of Atlanta brewery SweetWater’s flagship ale and is perfect for cheering on Matt Ryan and the team.

4) Best Brew for New England Patriots Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Cider clean flavor of ginger in the Apple Ginger version.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers East End Session Ale every few weeks, they brew a new batch of something low-alcohol, high-flavor.

6) Washington Redskins  The White House Honey Brown Ale Why not at least go all out with a Presidential Bang ? Not likely to be at your local pub but its sure worth a vote. The White House Honey Brown Ale has been in the mix for the past three years. Our White House has been manufacturing the brew in a secret location at  The White House.

7) Miami Dolphins Shark Attack  So although I am indeed a Florida Native I must say…The Dolphins need to find one more guy who can catch a ball and they may have a chance until that day comes Dolphin fans drink to this tropical-flavored wheat ale beer spiked with mango in nearby Homestead.

8) Oakland Raiders If their motto is protecting the shield I’d rather have Glad Plastic bags on my side along with a eco-friendly bottle of Bison Brew. This wonderful creation blends orange blossoms and grassy notes to the T.

9) Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Engine 15  Fantastic beer selection. Great IPA’s – Rye of the Tiger & Old Battle Axe were very enjoyable.

10) Cleveland Browns Barktoberfest Excellent color and a nice, toasty caramel finish. Plus it’s not like Cleveland’s Rookie quarterback is going to take the team to far  from home that they wont be able to circle back around to The Winking Lizard for a few more brews.

So no matter if your team is at the top of their game or at their worst this list is sure to be

good even if you and your team reaches the bottom of the barrel.  The local beers of 2012

and a moment for every team to rejoice can be shared at your favorite pub or in the

privacy of your own Man Cave.


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